Does your life feel like you are living it in a sleep deprived coma? With young children in the household, restful sleep is typically at an all time low and even when there is sleep, an infant in the house can mean you’re sleeping with at least one ear open all night.  It’s as though a boom has fallen, and it creates a cloud that is lived in throughout the day. Some call it “foggy brain”. Kind of like the hangover of our youth, it’s just that it lasts all day, no matter how much coffee we might consume to shake it.

If your typical day looks a little like this…get up early, no matter how much you’ve slept or not slept during the night, get the kids ready to go to daycare/school, pack lunches, drop them off, fight traffic into work, drink 3-5 cups of coffee, be there at least 8-10 hours, rush back to daycare/school to pick up the kids, figure out what everyone is going to eat for dinner on the run, head off to evening commitments: sports, music lessons, school activities, parent/teacher conferences, play dates, etc. Then do homework when applicable, wind the kids down and try to get everyone to bed, hopefully to stay and then do it all over again the next day.

What can be done to combat the need to care for our young families, which is especially challenging, when it means two people are working full-time out of the household and still get the sleep we so desperately need?

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