IT’S ALL EXPENSIVE!! So much more expensive then you would have ever guessed. The roof over your family’s head, childcare, clothes, food, music lessons, or other activities. Sometimes young families out of shear necessity will place those extras on credit cards, convincing themselves that they’ll pay it off. Then the next thing comes along that falls into the “extra/unexpected” category and out comes the credit card again. Before you know it, mounting debt has taken a hold at 15% interest. Nobody likes to talk about debt. Heck if we use our country as an example, debt has been made to look like the norm. Have we all had it at one time or another? Absolutely! The really hard part about a family with young children is that you think they are really expensive when they are young…ummm… bubble burst, families are more expensive as they get older.

What the heck do you do? Do you take on a second job or change jobs for more pay? You can talk yourself out of those options pretty quickly because a second job would just be more stress and changing jobs for more pay usually equates to seeing less of your family.  Yet, the accumulation of debt long term is incredibly stressful by itself. Maybe it’s worthwhile to explore a way through it. A way that extra money can be earned alongside what you are currently doing, without the need to develop additional skill sets or go back for more schooling.  The creation of options is always worthwhile.

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