Welcome to Team Dream Extreme!

We are a global community of 17,000 like minded people who live in 6 different countries. Our vision for 2018 is to impact the lives of 50,000 people with high quality preventative health care solutions. We are on a mission to help people live long well. We believe it’s all about choice. You can choose to join us and simply consume the abundant number of proven products that can be drop shipped directly to your home, which address: weight wellness, energy and performance, and healthy aging. We would LOVE for you to make this choice.

Philosophically This Is What We Believe

  1. Diets do not work. They have a 95% failure rate.
  2. Medications are offered far too often as the first solution.
  3. Traditional Western medicine remains incredibly uneducated about the role nutrition plays in our health.
  4. Our food supply is being corrupted with GMO products on a massive scale.
  5. We have overused our soils to the point of sterilization.
  6. Our food that is commercially grown is significantly devoid of minerals.
  7. Our protein sources are being injected with growth hormones and are consuming pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s and we consume their byproducts.
  8. We are being poisoned every day of our lives when we eat processed foods.
  9. We consume too much soda and not enough water.
  10. Sugar is highly addictive and hidden in everything.

We Also Believe:

  1. There are solutions readily available that address these issues.
  2. There are companies that offer high quality nutrition that is affordable, convenient and is delivered directly to your household.