The “World is Your Oyster”, that’s the phrase that used to describe this time in someone’s life. Still searching for love or maybe you’ve found it and you’re figuring out your next steps in life together. If you’ve found that someone special, CONGRATULATIONS!!  That is so fantastic! You have solved what can be the most complicated step for young professionals.

If you are still searching for love, it can feel impossibly challenging today. It can take a big toll on emotional health. There are lots of questions being asked when searching for a soulmate. So much of it can depend on your family history. Did you come from a broken home? Or harder yet sometimes, a home where parents stayed together even when maybe they shouldn’t have? What were your role models for a healthy relationship? Will you replicate the things that you didn’t like in your most influential relationships? Will you replicate the things you loved witnessing from your parent’s example? When you are looking for love, often it will find you when you least expect it. This isn’t a dating website, it’s just that in this particular stage of life, finding love is a central quest for many.

What seems to also be important in that search is how we feel about ourselves. So often how we feel about ourselves is equated to how we feel not only in our clothing, but out of it. Our bodies, how we feed them, how we treat them, how they look in the mirror, can sometimes become an obsession. The hardest part is the belief held by some that we can continue to do harmful things to our extraordinary bodies and they won’t catch up to us because we are invincible. Things like: food that is deep fat fried, heavy carb loads at night, sugary cocktails, and sometimes the worst offender, skipping a meal all together.

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