At this stage of life the focus is on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring that the days ahead are met with vitality.

We’ve found some incredible solutions that are: affordable, (under $4/meal), convenient, (they take less then a minute to prepare), they are packed with high quality nutrition from all over the globe, adults of all ages love them because they taste great, supplement your diet with missing ingredients.

We recommend 5 items for you to address: Quick Meals, Hydration, Supplements, Joint Discomfort, and Brain Support


For a retired family like yours we recommend:

Meal Replacement High Quality Shakes for one meal a day – it’s FAST, (takes less than a minute in a blender), Less than $4/Meal and PACKED with nutrition and lots of protein, everyone will LOVE the taste. Options for Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles are also available.

Amped Hydrate – This is an extraordinary electrolyte replacement beverage for the whole family. Most of us walk around every day completely dehydrated. This makes drinking water more enjoyable, with low sugar and no artificial flavors or artificial colors. TONS better than Gatorade for your kids.

Daily Essentials with Product B – This is a powerful combination of morning and pm packs of supplements that include: Omega 3, CoQ10, Vitamin C, Women and Men’s Essentials, and a Telemere Support supplement. It’s everything you need for daily supplementation in 2 convenient pouches.

Joint Support System – Protecting our joints for the long term is critical to our health. This system is a combination of joint support capsules and a fantastic cream for immediate joint pain relief. It’s a one two punch that supports our joint health.

Brain Support – This supplement targets brain health and it is so effective! Keeping our brains healthy is such a critical and sometimes overlooked part of a nutritional regime.

There are additional products to choose from, but in our experience, these 5 are a great way for retired families to enjoy vitality as they age. If you would be interested in finding out more about how to receive these items, please go to the CONTACT US page and we will be delighted to serve you and your family.

We’ve chosen to align with ISAGENIX because of their unwavering commitment to bring extraordinary nutrition to the world. They’re are over 80 different nutritionally dense products available to choose from.

ISAGENIX has been a global leader in the Health and Wellness industry since 2002. The products are organic, they contain no herbicides, pesticides or growth hormones.

The whey protein is undenatured (not heated, so the amino acid chains remain intact) and comes from New Zeland, where cows are fed grass, not grain. They have been scientifically formulated to complement our diets that are devoid of significant quantities of nutrients.