Oh man, people may have warned me, but I didn’t listen. As I age things are just starting to hurt. As I look back on the choices I made earlier in my life about how I cared for my body, I wish I would have been more mindful about what I ate and what I drank. Now when I see my Dr. he/she consistently tells me “it’s just part of the aging process”. 10 years ago, he/she said the same thing, just not so often. I’m so unwilling to believe there is nothing that can be done to support a healthy aging process, other than the next medication. There are so many more years ahead for me and I don’t even have grandchildren yet. I really want to be vitally healthy for not only the next generation, but my existing family as well. The last thing I want to be is a burden to anyone.

It’s so confusing out there on the internet, how do I know what’s true and what’s not? These young kids, they are so comfortable with computers, they were practically born with them attached. In my day, it was a blankie that we had for comfort when we needed it, now it’s a computer and the internet.  Sometimes I feel sort of lost to find my way. Are omegas good for you or not? How do I help support my joint health? How do I keep my cholesterol in proper balance without a statin? It seems like every time I see my Dr. he/she wants to prescribe the next drug for me to take. I’d really prefer to minimize the number of prescriptions I take and I’m reading lots more about how our traditional western medicine practitioners are not well educated about nutrition.

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