Referral Marketing pays people to do what we already do naturally. Refer a product or service that we enjoy with the people in our lives. Like a really good restaurant, an awesome movie, or a fantastic book… you get the idea. This type of business model is synonymous with Network Marketing and it’s what we do…a powerful business model, a HUGE profession and before you close your mind…READ ON.

THESE ARE SOME OF THE REASONS NETWORK MARKETING TURNS ME OFF…and for good reason…maybe for some of the same reasons you might be turned off as well. Here are just a few of the reasons why I have such a strong feeling about typical Network Marketing. Often, there is…

  • Coercion to get you to BUY lots of their products
  • Lots of TRICKS to get you to meet or come on board
  • Many LIE about their products, services, or the way they operate
  • Lots of FALSE HOPES about making lots of money
  • Poorly FUNDED companies that are run poorly
  • They really DON’T CARE about you…just making a sale
  • No TRAINING once you buy in and have invested your hard-earned money
  • Lots of TURNOVER…the company simply disappears

I could go on and on but these are some of my pet peeves about NETWORK MARKETING companies and their leadership. No thank you…not for me….WONT’ PLAY ANY OF THOSE GAMES!

But NETWORK MARKETING doesn’t own the corner on these sorts of behaviors. Other well-known businesses we interact with almost every day could also claim the same negative behaviors…

  • Banking (remember the recent Wells Fargo catastrophe)
  • Real Estate (lots of unethical real estate agents in the market today)
  • Stock Brokers (ever been sold a stock that didn’t perform as promised)
  • Attorneys (mostly the “ambulance chasers” for personal injury)
  • Automobile Salespeople (no one trusts a car salesperson…especially a used one)
  • Insurance Sales (ever bought a policy that didn’t do what it was supposed to)

This list could go on and on as well. Ethics is the most important part of business today. And there is a simple formula that seems to be forgotten or ignored… “Promises Made = Promises Kept.” If this was the formula all these businesses used, including NETWORK MARKETING, we wouldn’t be talking about all the deceit and disappointments that we have all experienced and have come to expect. No wonder we are all skeptics.


The reason that Referral Marketing/Network Marketing gets such a bad rap at this point is because so many people are flocking to it. Paul Zane Pilsner, one of the most recognized trend forecaster in the world had some interesting thoughts about Referral Marketing/Network Marketing.  This guy predicts TRENDS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, and he’s never been wrong!!  In his book, The Next Millionaire’s he predicts that Referral Marketing/Network Marketing, by the year 2025, will completely REPLACE franchising as the way to move products from manufacturer to the consumer. That’s really all Referral Marketing/Network Marketing is, moving superior quality products from the manufacturer to the consumer and any money traditionally spent on advertising is instead invested back into R&D and payments to those moving the products…the independent owners.

Even I scoffed at people who approached me about this business model. I naively had myself convinced that anybody who did Referral Marketing/Network Marketing did it because they couldn’t hold down a regular job or were just trying to get a discount on some product they liked. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I’ve met some of the most professional, most extraordinary business people in the profession of Referral Marketing/Network Marketing. Yes, now I place Referral Marketing/Network Marketing in the same sentence as a PROFESSION. That’s because it is one.


To get a fresh perspective that’s very different than anything you’ve heard before, here is a free document that lists the top 10 things you want to look for in a company.  If you are ever curious about how to choose one that’s really got their act together, just follow this recommendation and you will significantly improve your odds of choosing well.

Get your FREE “10 Things to look for in a Referral Marketing/Network Marketing Company” learn more about true Network Marketing.


I’m so blessed!! I choose well the first time…11 years ago and I haven’t looked back.  I am NOT at the top of my company…but I’m in the top 300 in the US. My team and I will NOT break all kinds of records for new people “signed up.” WHY? Because my team and I are NOT IN COMPETITION with anyone to “get em in” and sell a bunch of products or the biggest pack. Does that seem like a strange philosophy given what we do for a living? Our philosophy is based on quality, not quantity. We are NOT interested in “throwing a bunch of people against the wall and see who sticks”. Not my style…nor will it ever be my style. We are talking about human beings here. Our philosophy is not about “selling a bunch of products”, it’s about matching a need with a solution. For example, do we have convenient, affordable, scientifically proven food and supplements, with a 16-year track record of success for sale? Yes. Do we blast that reality all over Facebook and encourage people to “BUY NOW”? Absolutely NOT!!

Team Dream Extreme, the name of our organization, currently reaches over 17,000 people in 6 countries. We TRAIN and TEACH people how to build a financial asset. This asset will pay them for a lifetime and we have a very specific methodology that is designed to maximize every bonus available from our generous compensation plan AND build a sustainable business that will last for generations.  When this methodology is followed, magic happens.

Training and Coaching is FREE!

And one of the absolute best aspects for me and my team is that all of the coaching and all of the support is absolutely FREE!! It’s free because it’s supposed to be. In the business of Referral Marketing/Network Marketing, if you are lucky enough, you are trained to do it by someone who has done it and is successful at it. Well, that’s been our experience. We’ve been trained by the all-time highest income earner in our company. $65,000,000 and counting in the past 15 years. He’s offered hundreds of hours of his time to us and has never asked for a dime. We are not financially connected to him, so everything that’s been built does not compensate him. When asked how we can ever repay him for his generosity, he always says, “Beth, you and your team need to just pay it forward”, so that’s what we will do. So, now maybe, just maybe, you are willing (as I was) to look at our business model with a fresh set of eyes.

What is Referral Marketing/Network Marketing?

What exactly is Referral Marketing/Network Marketing? It’s a model that’s built on what we already do…refer people to things that we like…just like we would a good restaurant, a good movie or a high-quality service provider. It’s just in this model, you’re PAID for that referral.  People ask me all the time, “What do you do for a living?” Easy, I simply tell them, “I’m in the business of building global networks of consumers”. It’s all true and it’s actually very simple.  Simple does not mean easy, just simple. When done well, which is KEY, Referral Marketing/Network Marketing allows ANYONE, regardless of their background, race, educational experience, or gender to create an unlimited income. Does it happen overnight? NO WAY…and if anybody tells you that you can, RUN!!!  Literally, turn and RUN the other direction because they are either inexperienced or lying or both.


Let me share with you some information about a very powerful concept…Residual Income. What is that? It’s the type of income that pays you long after the work has been done. Think of the music industry. Every time a song is downloaded the artist receives some form of compensation. Authors, same thing. Movie re-runs, same concept. You get the picture. Let’s take a look though at the breakdown of residual income and what you would need to have in savings in order to be paid the equivalent in interest.


This is what a traditional retail business model looks like:

Network marketing is basically just a different way of selling products to the end user. In traditional business as seen above, products are made by the manufacturer, they are then sold to a retail shop and then sold on again to the end user.

In network marketing there is no retail middle man. The products are shipped directly to the consumer, they order online and their product is shipped directly to their home. The money that is saved by the manufacturer on retail space, employees, and millions on marketing/advertising is spent instead on R&D and paid out in commissions to the distributors in the field.

Here are a few other reasons that Network Marketing is such a desirable business model.

  • Low Risk
  • Significant profit margins
  • No inventory or manufacturing
  • Low Overhead
  • Tax Savings
  • Global Reach
  • Continual Demand for Product
  • Time Leverage
  • Corporate Vision
  • Leadership with Proven Track Record
  • Residual Income

To summarize even further, network marketing is a great opportunity for everyone who is willing to commit to be a success and to commit to helping others become a success.


I keep forgetting…You don’t know me, you haven’t worked with myself or any of my leadership team, you don’t need to take my word for it. These guys and gals are likely much better known to you then I am.

 Warren Buffet             

Even with all of these people endorsing Network Marketing and yes, there are real live quotes to demonstrate their endorsement, you might still be skeptical.

Think about it though. It just makes sense. It’s totally logical. Anyone who acquires tremendous wealth does not do it with just one source of income. He or she does it by building multiple streams of income. Need more proof?  Ok, how big do you think the profession on Network Marketing is?


The Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession hit a new record in 2013 with $178 BILLION in global sales. That’s up from $167 Billion in 2012. Network Marketing is BIG business! Roughly $71 Billion (40% of the $178 Billion), was paid directly to distributors via commissions.

$178 Billion. How does that compare to some of the other industries out there, like say Professional Sports? Let’s take a look:

Certainly, Network Marketing can’t be bigger than our adored Motion Picture Industry. According to the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) Theatrical Market Statistics for 2016, U.S. and Canadian box office was $11.4 billion a 2% improvement from 2015. Globally the box office for films hit $38.6 billion in 2016.Mar 1, 2018

Here’s an easier summary:

The NFL: $13 Billion

Music Industry: $15 Billion

Movie Industry: $38 Billion

Video Gaming: $76 Billion

Natural Food Industry: $90 Billion

Network Marketing: $178 Billion

This business model will not be the right thing for everyone and that’s ok. If it interests, you and you would like to know more about how to join us, choose the CONTACT US button and we’ll be in touch with you!