What should people really look like? Are they all supposed to be Insta models, meat heads, or dozens of variations in between? We all know exercise is important but what’s the right way to do it? Maybe group classes like Orange Theory or a popular Spin studio. Maybe yoga, so we can focus on the mind, body, soul alignment and emotional health. How about outside? Getting outdoors is also an option for some mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, or paddle boarding.

Now let’s touch on you crazy kids with your technology and avocado toasts.

Fitness apps makes it so easy to keep track of all that we do when we exercise. It’s also really confusing to figure out what to eat and how to fuel our bodies. We want everything to be organic, but how do we know it really is? Who has time to cook? In some ideal world, meals would arrive at our door step and we wouldn’t have to think about it. It would just show up and we’d know it’s going to be easy, quick, affordable and packed with organic nutrition. Interested?

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