If I could only find someone to trust with my money. Maybe they could help me earn enough to pay off these nagging student loans. Every time I pay that bill online, I’m reminded that I’m currently not being paid what I’m worth. But…do I really want to hear what a ‘wealth professional’ will tell me? Um…*cue nervous smile*.

Proceed to your weekly financial mindset:

“I don’t want to cut back on happy hours or music festivals. I don’t want to turn my money over to just anyone…it’s my money. I’m so overqualified for my job and my back is sore from carrying the team. If they only knew what I was really capable of, I know they would pay me more.” What if you could be the boss? For the first time, call all the shots. Work from anywhere. Possibly a beach in Thailand like everyone on Insta.

Have you thought about having a side hustle but don’t know the route to take? Do you join Amazon resellers, dropship on Shopify, sell the newest makeup kit, etc.? These hustles are extremely lucrative and selecting the right one is easier than you think. If you’re not afraid of hard work and want extra cash every month with limited training and no long term commitments, you’re ready for a financial and lifestyle pivot. After all, you want to plan your next adventure. Even though travel is cheaper than ever and booking an AirBnB is simple it would be so amazing to have a job that can go with me wherever I go.

Before we suggest anything that might be of interest, we invite you to take our FREE Financial Freedom Assessment to discover more about where you stand on your wealth journey.

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