This group of extraordinary leaders associated with Team Dream Extreme have chosen to share both our Health Solutions and our Prosperity Solution with the people in their lives. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, life experiences, cultures, and locations around the world. Together we are currently serving over 17,000 people in 6 countries and we thrilled about our ability to significantly increase our global impact in the months and years to come. There is a place for you among them!

​Now let's meet our TEAM and see what makes them so unique...

​Karen Angell

Agency Account Supervisor

​With a full-time, freelance work schedule for a brand design agency, a Pilates instructor and a competitive ballroom dancer, there is that constant tension to balance time + money along with other key priorities, like family. I am so thankful to have Isagenix in my life – with truly fantastic products that keep me healthy and at the top of my game, an ability to remove that tension with a substantial income opportunity, and a one-of-a-kind support system through the Team Dream Extreme community. Hello Amazing Life!

​​Jenn Barnett

Stay at home Mom

​Family means the world to me. I’m a proud military wife and mom of 3 boys. I enjoy actively volunteering in my community and I am a big advocate for US foster care/adoption. My mission is simple; To introduce families to simple solutions that allow them to embrace a healthy lifestyle together. In the summer of 2014, my path crossed with an extraordinary group of people from this community. I feel so much synergy with the mindsets of everyone I meet. We are all like-minded entrepreneurs, who might come from many different walks of life, but we have one common theme among us, we’re each committed to making an impact in the lives of others around the world.

Beth Baska

Founder of Team Dream Extreme

​I’m so privileged to get to serve with this extraordinary group of people. After spending 20 years in Corporate America, I just simply grew weary of building someone else’s dreams. It became time to build our own. Team Dream Extreme is currently reaching 17,000 fantastic individuals in 6 countries. We are banned together by an unwavering commitment to make a meaningful difference in the world. We are inspired every day because we get to contribute to something much bigger than ourselves. I get chills head to toe thinking about what comes next for all of us!

Kyle Baska

Passionate Millennial

I’m here to connect with other fitness fanatics who care about their health and millennials who care about their wealth. My background, while a little abnormal, has helped me understand what's important in life. This past year I spent traveling throughout SE Asia while teaching English in Thailand. After 10 months of extraordinary adventures, I've landed back in SoCal. As a Travel Blogger, Digital Advertiser, English Teacher, food lover, and adventure seeker, I'm eager to meet lots of like-minded people who want to be different. Each new Team Dream Extreme member better be ready for some powerful personal and financial growth. Most importantly, I'm the son of Beth Baska, the Founder of Master The New Way! Let’s do this!

​Scott Dietrich

Professional Magician

​Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and voted Toronto, Ontario’s “Best Children’s Entertainer” 7 years running, keeping up with my busy schedule, I could also be considered juggler. Enter Isagenix. I’m now eating better, I have more energy, and a residual income to boot. I’m now actively coaching others on how they too can step into the driver’s seat, simultaneously optimizing their health, and creating additional wealth through residual income.

​​Morgan Frobe

Gluten Specialist

​As a fitness junkie, avid adventurer, and lover of all things food, I’m searching new ways to find balance while living life to the fullest. Born and raised in SoCal, I was eager to get out and explore the world. At the age of 22 I have traveled to 22 countries and that’s just the beginning for me! If you’re passions lie in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and trying new things, we are going to have a lot to talk about. I’m always looking to connect with communities of people that share my own goals and push me towards personal development. Through Team Dream Extreme, I’ve done just that!

​​​Megan Lane

Business Development Executive

​Over the last 30 years I have helped companies grow substantially. With all these conversations, I was surprised to discover that people were looking for a way to have more time or more money. For me, I wanted more time to do the things I love, without worrying about money. I love helping and seeing people achieve their goals, and this wonderful community has shown me that we all prosper by helping each other succeed. It is amazing how freedom can be achieved with fabulous health and residual income!

​​​​Sheri Leonard

Retired Hairstylist

​I got so tired of trading my time for money and not having any time freedom, I searched for a better way and found it here. Team Dream Extreme is a community of likeminded people who are committed to making a difference in the world and it’s a privilege to serve with them.

​​​​​Robin Lorentz

​Professional Violinist

​To date I have enjoyed the fortune of a long and charmed life performing, recording, and creating music globally for leading individuals and venues of the day. Following a nearly fatal and disabling health crisis in 2007 I became acquainted with Isagenix and Team dream Extreme. Becoming involved with both has greatly supported my sense of well-being, energies, and progess throughout a challenging recovery. To be a part of Team dream's passionate aim to help others is music of its own.

​​​​​​Saul Martinez

Global Entrepreneur

​I am a Happy, Successful, Committed and loving man. I’m passionate about showing the people in my life, a different way to see life. A life full of opportunities and blessings. I’m committed to support them to discover their potential; because success that is not shared, is not enjoyed. I choose to be part of this great Team because you can feel and breathe brotherhood and its so empowering to experience myself as a valuable member of a large family

​​​​​​​Terry McKinnon

Fitness ​Specialist

​As a recognized leader in the fitness, dance, and martial arts world, for many years, I am acutely aware that in order for me to continue to perform and teach at high levels, how I fuel my body and how well it recovers are critical. Isagenix offers so many incredible solutions that not only support my ability to give it my all, it helps my clients give theirs as well. The other thing that’s inescapable is the reality that every bit of my income occurs when I trade time for money. With the support of Team Dream Extreme and their leaders, I’m building an asset for my family that will pay me even when I’m sleeping.

​​​​​​​Karen Smith

Master Aesthetician

​I’m a 2001 Graduate of the Euro Institute of Skin Care and I received my Masters in Aesthetics in 2014. I’m currently serving patients for Dr. Yann Lin at Mill Creek Skin & Laser. I’m highly trained in multiple state-of-the-art lasers to achieve outstanding results in skin rejuvenation. I love seeing the pure joy and excitement that comes from improving my patients’ skin and providing beautiful results with longer lasting results! I’ve been able to combine my love of skin care with the love I have for helping people glow from the inside out with Isagenix. When you understand that the skin, our largest organ, reveals what goes on below it, Isagenix offers several perfect nutritional solutions to ensure that the inside of our bodies are being as well cared for as our outside.

​​​​​​​​Kevin Work

Prosperity Designer

​I'm here to connect with others by sharing my journey towards a karma free lifestyle. By focusing on mindset and nutrition (plant based living), I have personally grown exponentially over the last 6 months as compared to all my previous years combined. My mission is to inspire by being a real-world example of how you have the capability to take control of your health and live more prosperously every day. As a fitness coach, I have the pleasure of motivating groups of 20-30 people for an hour to challenge themselves to push past their thoughts of limitations. Working with each new Team Dream Extreme member, I will bring that energy and knowledge to be a catalyst for your personal and financial growth. I am pumped to get to share this journey with you. Let’s get to work!

​​​​​​​​​Tania Zaldo

Global Entrepreneur

​I am a passionate woman. I love life and I love to serve, contribute and make a difference in the lives of people. I am a strong and visionary woman, but also sensitive and big heart. Being part of this community has helped me develop more and better skills. My most important growth has been as a human being, and our mission or purpose together is very valuable because it is always about others!