Your First 30 days

Your 1st 30 days with Team Dream Extreme


Ask your sponsor to help you locate the FAST FACT product sheets and print a copy to review

Ask your sponsor to help you register for the IsaBody Challenge at

Ask your sponsor to help you sign up for Healthy Mind and Body by going to


MAKE YOUR LIST  Use this link to go to the Contact Work Sheet and print it out

Work with your sponsor to develop a list of 30 people that you will contact together – Use this link to listen to the podcast on Mastering the 3 Way Call Use this link to design your 30 second story and practice it with your sponsor



Listen to this podcast

Attend 1 Local Meet Up a week, preferably with your sponsor if he/she is local.  PRACTICE telling your story live

Review the opening lines for inspiration worksheet

Join the Team Dream Extreme Facebook page


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