Boy you have the best of intentions!! You try so hard to feed your family healthy, nutritious meals and sometimes it feels like everything is working against you, especially time and plans out of your control. Sure, meal planning in advance is incredibly powerful! Shopping on a Sunday for the week ahead and making sure that everything can either be frozen, cooked in a crock pot all day or marinated most of it, it all requires pre-planning.

This is the hard part about living in a family with older kids who have not yet adopted the concept of planning ahead. It means the best of intentions often, do not play out easily. There is always the, “Oh, did I forget to tell you about the concert TONIGHT that I’m playing in?” Or the, “Oh shoot, didn’t I mention TONIGHT is the awards ceremony for my team?”

Kids forget to tell us about their commitments not because they are trying to make us crazy, but instead, just because they struggle to plan ahead. They are so focused on getting through each day to the end of the school day, most don’t think easily about what comes up next. So what usually happens in these situations? Either food goes to waist because it spoils, it’s made ahead and consumed later, or it just stays in the freezer for someday.

Can’t somebody design meals and snacks on the go that are actually nutritionally dense, natural, organic, affordable, convenient, that won’t destroy the interior of a car and I won’t feel guilty about giving it to my kids?  Best of all would be, of course, if they would eat it and not complain.

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