Things are going so well for our family! Kids are happy and thriving. We’ve survived through the diaper bag, traveling with a van full of play pens, car seats and toys and are nearing the end of the sleep deprived coma. Then it rains one winter night and you hear the distinctive sound of water dripping onto the hard wood floor. It’s a sound that sends a chill of panic through you. Roves are not only extremely important to keep our families dry and warm, but they are essential to maintain the value of a property. They are also EXPENSIVE to repair/replace. As you scramble to find your insurance policy and the number for your agent, the next layer of panic sets in. How are you going to pay for it?  Whether it’s your deductible for a repair or the cost of a replacement, it’s going to cost some money.

Especially in times when all of the wheels are running smoothly, the unexpected seems to inevitably happen. It’s impossible to plan for the unexpected. That’s why it is called the “unexpected”. Is it truly impossible or do we just convince ourselves of that? What if you have established multiple streams of income because you learned about the importance of developing several assets that pay you? You might say, you’ve developed your “unexpected” plan.

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