That’s actually not the worst of it. Next comes dramatic over farming commercially of the land, without the replacement of key nutrients in the soil, especially minerals. If you went to the bank every week and withdrew funds from your account, but never added to your account, then you would eventually be bankrupt. That is exactly what we have done to our soils. We add nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to the soil in commercial agriculture. We ignore the need for dozens of other minerals in the human body.

Here are some critical numbers:

There are 118 elements on the periodic table. These are the building blocks of the planet earth. 90 of those elements are found in the ocean. 65 of those elements are found in the human body. 15 of those elements are considered essential in human nutrition. But only 3 of them are added to the soil. You do the math. Western civilization is clinically deficient in many minerals because of our devastating farming techniques.

Soil is the foundation of farming and food production. It physically supports crops and is the medium through which crops receive nutrition and hydration. To ensure that crops continue to get the required nutrients, soil must be continuously fertilized. However, when depletion of minerals in soil is not addressed, it becomes increasingly difficult for crops to thrive, and if they do, they will be deficient of the nutrients and minerals traditionally associated with them. This is the condition of  the soil in commercial farming today.