10 things to look for in a solid Network Marketing Company

  1. Has the company been in business at least 5 years?
    1. About 90% of Network Marketing companies fail in their first 2 years
    2. After 5 years they have worked many of the initial pitfalls out of the strategic plan
  2. Is the company well capitalized?
    1. Publicly traded companies are required to produce their financials
    2. Privately held companies are also required to do this with the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
  3. Does the ownership have quantifiable field and business experience?
    1. Many owners want to get into the distribution of products done this way, but lack the business savvy.
    2. Select a company in which the owners have been in the field themselves.
  4. Is the product a consumable and in demand?
    1. If a product is not consumed each day, reorders are inconsistent, therefore income is as well.
    2. If it’s a product that everyone needs daily, instead of a luxury item, in down turns of the economy your business is less likely to be affected.
  5. Can you generate sustainable income?
    1. Are there systems that help you build a sustainable income?
    2. Upfront, one-time bonuses are one thing, long term residual income is the legacy.
  6. Does the company take full advantage of technology?
    1. Can you use the technology of the company to build?
    2. Is the company innovative when it comes to technology usage?
  7. Is the person who is introducing you to the opportunity knowledgeable and committed to your success?
    1. People with less than 3 years’ experience in the field have lots of enthusiasm but have likely not yet experienced the pitfalls of their company’s compensation plan.
    2. Work with someone with a track record of success in the profession of at least 3 years or more.
  8. Can you make money at this business and still keep your full-time job?
    1. The transition from part-time to full-time is a choice. Is there enough automation and training available for that?
    2. Ideally your mentor is someone who is doing this full-time.
  9. Is the vision of the company something that you can really get excited about?
    1. Is the vision clear, concise and powerful?
    2. Has the vision been consistently clear overtime?
  10. What is the global expansion plan of the company?
    1. Does the company go into a country virtually?
    2. Does the company enter a new country with physical spaces, staff in the country and make a long term commitment to the welfare of the people in that country?